Thursday, 17 June 2010

Warbling Welsh

Paid a visit to Blorenge to pay homage to the Marmora's Warbler there. A corking little bird but Im sad to report that there were a bunch of dickheads that wandered about on the moor disturbing the breeding Tree Pipit, Whinchat and Meadow Pipit that were knocking about. The warbler was brilliant showing well on favoured bushes. Will see if i can get an image up soon.

We (me, Mike & John) stopped at Ilkeston for the Great Reed Warbler on the way back which showed like a P*RN ST*R. Was a real beauty in full song and fly-catching. It was getting tainted by the local Song Thrush that was imitating it. I have a sound file I will post of the song in due course.

Currently in the inner hebs again and having a cracking survey. Home tomorrow but the tally stands at 4 Minke Whales, 9 Storm Petrels and plenty of filler including several thousand Manxies with rafts of over 50 birds today.


Dale Forbes said...

everywhere I go, I am reading about this warbler and have seen some stunning photos of it. more than a little jealous

Phil Slade said...

Its a long time since I saw the one in Derbs, thankfully it was before the dickheads came along. Not many of those in Hebrides anyway, nor Marmoras.

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