Saturday, 5 June 2010

Golden nO

Went down to spurn the other day - there had been Golden Oriole, Rosefinch and firecrest in the morning but apparently the oriole had flown across the humber and the others werent pin down. I started at Sammy's and picked up a late Wheatear, a very confiding Whimbrel which was stood in the middle of a paddock not flushing...nice. Also a couple of very nice Yellow Wags including a scruffy male singing. A Cuckoo could be heard on the wind but deigned not to make an appearance. What did show up was a male Marsh Harrier quartering the fields. Not often I get to see an adult male as most birds that hang around the humber are cream-crowns of some description - especially in winter.

I mooched onto the point at spurn and found nothing save a few Whitethroats and a single Lesser Whitethroat. Then I heard a Golden Oriole in full song a few feet through the buckthorn. Hoping it wasn't a Starling doing impressions I tried to get a better view of the area but this wasnt possible - it was now doing the jay-type alarm calls and i backed off. I bumped into another birder who I told about the bird and he replied 'oh you didnt see it when it flushed just now?'. No I didnt. Doh. Nothing else of note was noted.

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