Saturday, 22 May 2010

Stormy Waters

Im now home and hosed after 8 days on the road thankfully although some chavvy scumbag has smashed my windscreen and dented half the panels on my car, the bastards...

Yesterday we had a short area left to survey and bar a few Manx Shearwaters and Puffins there was nil of note until the last two minutes when a Whooper Swan flew north high and there was a significant passage of Swallows. A swallow then went the other a white rump, Storm Petrel! One of my bogeys cleaned up! Rather bizarrely a House Martin was in with the Swallows so we had a chance to compare the two at sea.

As we headed home we saw very little bar a circling Golden Eagle over the cliffs of the Oa. This bad boy was a subadult shown by the white band in its tail. It indulged in a bit of foot dragging and tumbling before disappearing - superb views.

From Port Askaig waiting for the ferry we had a Goosander fly east high, a good record for the island. The journey back on the ferry had about 20 Great Northern Diver plus 3 Red-throated Diver all in spanking summer plumage. Magic. Onward!

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