Tuesday, 11 May 2010

2 Megas, 2 Days

Thanks to a text from a friend I heard about an Iberian Chiffchaff at Potteric Carr before checking birdguides. I was without portfolio as Im surveying this weekend so off I toddled with my baby girl in tow. We arrived and she had shit all over her car seat...everywhere. I tidied her up and fed her and we got onto the reserve an hour after we arrived.

We got down to the field at the south end of Huxter Wells marsh eventually and we could hear the bird calling away, chiffer like but totally different melody with a trill to finish. It didnt stop calling at any point I was there but wasnt showing to start with. It was hiding up alongside the motorway for 20 minutes before slipping quietly into a solitary tree where it showed quite nicely I managed to get good views of a scruffy phyllosc, midbrown with some colour to the throat, not much super and little in the way of green in the wing. Again like a chiffer but not... It came down into the hawthorn right infront and then I noticed... Izzy had puked all over herself and that was that. A good bird with a lovely song but completely different to the pratincole yesterday which had such obvious charms... As we were leaving a ************ called - nice.

Oh and then I dipped the Red-rumped Swallow at Rother Valley... Hate em. El Viva Espana.

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