Friday, 19 March 2010

Wax on, F**k off

Saw 4 Waxwings yesterday. Nothing to do with the post title. I will return to those later. No some fucking fucker driving an HGV around a business park hit my car whilst I was stood next to it and whilst my daughter was inside. Needless to say I went mental - I ran infront of the lorry and confronted the driver...he didnt speak english. Shit. This made a potentially difficult situation a bit easier actually. I was infront of the depot he was delivering to and made me calm down so i didnt chin this fella. The other bonus was the commotion had caused the manager to come out. She dealt with it promptly and the on damage luckily to my car was a big scratch to my wheel arch. Very lucky really. Izzy was more bothered about pooing herself than anything else. I didnt know I had that kind of anger in me.

Oh and the waxwings... Four of them showing unreally well on Heslington lane on the deck & on top of a lampost. No photos sadly as it was an impromtu twitch from mothercare. 2 males and 2 females and they trilled and showed and showed and trilled! I bumped into a few guys taking piccies and had a general birding gossip. Happy times.

Back to today - surveying on the humber...5 Barn Owls en route were predictable after overnight rain. We had a few birds of prey - a Merlin shooting past like a bullet, a big female Sparrowhawk over the car and a male Marsh Harrier looking horny. As for the wader roost. Not a lot doing. Handful of Black-tailed Godwit, couple of hundred Barwit. A few thousand Knot and Dunlin. Only a handful of Grey Plover in the roost and none on the foreshore. Curlew numbers have decreased as well. Bonuses were 4 Pintail flying in and loads of Dark-bellied Brents. Checking through them failed to reveal a Black Brant - 400 Brents must have passed through and not far from where the Brants had been seen. Lots of Meadow Pipits were back on territory and displaying. I flushed a male Reed Bunting whilst walking the floodbank. A Little Egret pratted about round the plantation and was very close on the bank before flushing as I tried to sneak up on it to take a snap. Sneaking up isnt easy in the badlands of Holderness and thus I had a Little Egret flying round and round. Last significant sighting was a Small Tortoiseshell. Spring!!

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