Friday, 5 December 2008

White Noise

Not been out birding for a bit - its snowed here this week. A lot. After getting stuck on Garrowby Hill on Tuesay night as they closed it it got much worse. The 34 miles home on Thursday morning took 160 minutes. Thats nearly triple the normal time. My clutch stank as i had to sit on it far too often as eejits in 18 wheelers tried to negotiate the 1 in 5 garrowby. Snow covered the roads and the ineffectual snow plows were a joke. As was the woman using maximum revs - how i laughed at that one - i drove straight past as she slithered everywhere. Had to cancel my night thursday night and hand my uni work in via the internet. Which would have been a problem if that didnt come online this morning. All said the worst snowfall i have ever seen. I have not had the pleasure of seeing drifts before or making long journeys on snow covered roads. I enjoyed it but wouldnt repeat it as far too many were left in ditches.

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