Monday, 8 December 2008

Punctured Dreams

Went down to Tophill to do some work on my disertation. The car felt a bit all over the place on the way down but when i checked it out it looked fine. Had an amble about but it started pouring down on the reserve so i turned tail to come home without garnering any results only to find that the rear nearside tyre was flat as a fart. Half hour of grubbing around in dirt to put it on made worse because my spare isnt in the boot but under it and further messing about in the mud ensued. The couple of woodies and treecreepers i saw did not warrant that! Happy birthday to eBirer, Marcus Conway who turns 30 today (you old bugger!). Check out his site for some truely magic pictures.

p.s. im on commission

1 comment:

Marcus Conway said...

Thanks for the plug!

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