Sunday 26 October 2008

East Anglian Jaunt

Whilst my beloved was jetting off to new york, I headed to Cambridge to visit my brother. A night of much drinking and me being a bit of a prat was had on the friday. In order to walk off the subsequent hangover I suggested Lynford Arboretum. We tooled about there all afternoon seeing a few bits and pieces including plenty of Siskin. We didnt manage to see any Hawfinch around the paddocks BUT my brother (as a non birder) managed to flush 3 across the Halls backgarden meaning i only got flight views. In flight they immediately recalled Redwing to me and the black and white in the wing was very obvious. One of my big bogeys knocked off, I was well chuffed.

When we got back we had a bash at bowling - bear in mind we both used to be quite decent, regularly going over 160 it was awful. I got whooped 2-0 (there was a 110 all draw) and I only managed 99 in my other 2 games. Tom managed a 141 but his other game was nearly as shoddy as me with a 104. Loved it mind! A few pints were had in various drinking holes in Cambridge followed by a visit to Tommy Tuckers - a genius fast food place, half chippy, half kebab house. Magic.

This morning we went down the driving range and I celebrated getting a few shots straight and over 150 yards whereas my brother revelled in drilling it ff the back fence of the driving range - in the region of 300 yards. Sickening.

After leaving I figured it would be rude for me to come to East Anglia and not see one of the famous reserves so I had a paddle around Wicken Fen, not far from Cambridge. Not a lot of birds bar the masses of Redwings buzzing about. A single Barn Owl, a couple of Green Sandpipers were the pick plus plenty of heard only Cetti's Warblers. A nice if slightly expensive reserve (flaming national trust). Back home and amazed at the siberian and nearctic goings on (Northern Flicker, Green Heron, Sibe Thrush and now Brown Shrike!!). Lovely.

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