Friday, 3 October 2008

Big Weekend

This is an important weekend in my calendar and unfortunatly it has fuck all to do with birding. No this is family pride. Who can gloat at family get togethers? Is christmas going to be a long merciful ribbing? And i cant win! My outlaws are Hull City fans. Who beat the arse last week (hurrah!!). And who are playing spurs this week (those that are familiar with me from BF may realise my tag name is Hotspur. As in Tottenham. Derr!). If we win, the lines my father in law will use are 'it was to be expected' and 'we are only a small club'. If Hull win i can expect ritual humiliation in front of uncle dickhead until the sun fizzles out. Shit. Oh well, saw the 3 Pec sands or pseudo vagrants as the punks call em (wonder how many pairs breed in uk and europe now??) in the sun (as in the star) oh sit (no not the low brow red top - the big burning thing in the heavens). So as to be sure it wasnt rain on my lense or madness that told me id seen one the other day. Now skint. Birding plans - minimal. Odds on a mega - higher than if id have had money. If i get out a Yorkshire Pom would be appreciated or an LTS/Leach's.

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