Sunday, 7 September 2008

It looks like a cat

Apparently. So my wife said of the Long-eared Owl that was sat sleeping in a hedgerow at Tophill Low this afternoon. My best views of this difficult to pin down species after an earlier dip this year at Fairburn. No pics unfortunately as the camera only wanted to focus on the branches in front of it, stupid lack of manual focus.

I was on nights last night so was pleasantly surprised to find my wife suggesting a walk at Tophill. I had obviously checked my bird alerts and was well aware of the presence of Garganey, BNG, Little Gull and the aforementioned LEO. Unfortunatley the Gulls had cleared out and we didnt have time (and my wife lacked the inclination) to scour D res for the Grebe and Garganey but I have seen plenty of each this year. Only other birds of interest were a Common Sandpiper and Snipe on South Marsh. Still no Green Sandpiper this year. Also Tophill Low news worthy is the discovery of roosting Nauthusius Pipistrelles amongst the Soprano Pips in the visitor centre (a bat detector and a ninja suit may need to be procured for some underhand batting).

Amir Khan got stuck on is arse twice in 54 seconds and still the new Audley thinks he is gonna win world champs - not unless you've got a hell of a defence because with a glass jaw like that you aren't gonna win shit. England football team = gutless wankers. Nuff said.

Here for your delectation is the funniest and most impressive thing i have seen in ages.

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