Monday 1 September 2008


Went for a paddle out today seeing as Ive done next to no birding all summer. Decided to visit Barmston, scene of a Little Auk mega feast last year (1000 bird day!) as a presumed juv Kentish Plover had been seen there yesterday. Nearly had a last minute change of mind when a GWE pitched up at long nab but it pushed off pronto (and was later seen flying over Scaling dam). I held no great hopes for relocating this but its a nice spot for a seawatch and a wander. Plenty of bits and pieces moving including a gorgeous summer plumage Red-throated Diver preening on the sea. Also a bit surreal were some Shelducks sat about 300m out plus Great Crested Grebe. Passing by 50ish Shoveler and 100ish Teal were expected fare. No shearwaters or Skuas and only a handful of Common and Sarnie Terns. Very little on the passerine front with Pied Wag, Linnets, Sand Martin and Swallow. Not so much as a Wheatear so didnt thrash the marsh too hard due to total lack of enthusiasm. Grilled the waders on the beach which were mainly juv Ringos with a couple of sum plum Sanderlings and a sprinkling of black-bellied Dunlin. A detour via Hornsea Mere home brought a few Little Gulls and some other dross. Was good to be out and the Little Gulls pushed the year list onto 225.


Dale Forbes said...

Hi James,
thanks for the heads up on the mislabeled squacco on my blog. one doesnt need to be bright to be a birder, hey?

James said...

No problem, Dale
Im always keen to be aware of my own (often monumental) cock-ups. I'll get your blog popped into the links as well mate.


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