Thursday, 6 March 2008

Pop Goes The Weasel

Had a trip out this afternoon in East Yorks. Was going raptor watching and very quickly had a distant Red Kite working a field. Walking along a stand of trees I saw loads of the usual woodland stuff including Song Thrush and Buzzard. The Kee-kee-kee gave away a male Kestrel and a female Bullfinch trumpeted her heart out. Best of all was a small mammal. A Weasel shot across the path and as I turned I noticed it was totally oblivious to me, working a narrow corridor of woodland, eating beetles and the like. It methodically worked its way along this corridor at a slow mooching pace (for me). The weasel was in and out of everything, backward and forward. Now I realise that my description are pretty lame but I cannot do justice to how brill this wee beastie was. The best bit was that it kept coming up to the edge of the copse and standing on its hind legs surveying what was about. It didnt notice me if I was stock still and regularly approached within 6 foot or so. At one stage it ran straight toward me and I could have touched it (if i wanted a nip). Brilliant.

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