Monday, 17 March 2008

Hello Ratty

A flying visit (a mere 3 hours) to Blacktoft sands began with a chat with the on duty assistant warden asking if there was much about. Apparently the Godwits cleared out early doors but there was a Water Vole being very obvious by the visitor centre. Had a look and bosh fantastic views! Much bigger than i had imagined. Mammal tick. As for birds the reserve haeld four marsh harriers, 2 females, a juv male and an adult male. saw a bit of talon grappling. My main reason for coming down was to year tick a few waders. At Xerox 9 spotshanks were showing very well and 6 were later seen to exit the reserve north west. Ot Ousefleet 32 Avocet paraded with 15 Curlew erupting out of the reeds to intercept a harrier. At one stage a Green Sand flew up out of the reeds flushing at the last minute from a harrier. that with the avopigs & spotshank were the 3 year ticks I was getting. I missed a flyover Bittern and the Blackwits but nevermind - they will be easier later on in the year. Apparently 3 Cetti's, minimum are on the reserve but i heard squat. Getting my new scope tomorrow and am off out to look for Firecrests and do some digiscoping tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Marcus Conway said...

If you digiscope a firecrest i'll buy you a bottle of the good stuff in Scotland

James said...

I wish - having said that, I may have to give it go now. Here come the fuzzy pictures.

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