Saturday, 9 February 2008

What is this?

Posted this pic on birdforum for discussion but I havent had any definitive answers. It was taken in Barbados last August. I dont have any other better pics and it was taken with a 5.1 megapixel digital camera and no optics so its shite. I wasn't sure whether it was a Little or Snowy Egret. Both breed on the island. If you have any opinions feel free. It looks like a Little to me but there you go.


Dale Forbes said...

hi James, I was scouring through some of your old posts and stumbled upon this one. the idiot that I am, I somehow thought that the snowy egret was just the new world name for the little egret, because they looked the same to me when I first saw them.

Did you ever get an expert opinion on what it is? do you have an opinion? My guess is that it is a snowy: shorter, black bill, fairly bright yellow lores; and a sloping forehead. but that is just a wild guess.

Can I ask a simple question? why didn't you just ask it what it was when you saw it?


James said...

Just seen your comment Dale - in hindsight I think you are right, Snowy for sure. The reason I didnt ask was it was in a crack den and I was making tracks!

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