Thursday 1 January 2015

Little Bustard at Fraisthorpe

So I didnt get this on my 2015 patch list as there were rather too many twitchers but it showed pretty close and didnt just sleep the entire time. Sadly no views of the wings but I have a feeling this bird may not be too hard to see over the coming weeks and months and I remain hopeful it will find itself 800m further south on patch.

On Monday I went out with a few of the guys I met on through birdforum way back in 2006. Seems like an eternity these days. We had a mooch around the Scarborough area mainly gossiping but we did see the Cloughton Wyke Richard's Pipit and the Grindale Rough-legged Buzzard. Better than those was seeing the guys again.

1 comment:

Mark James Pearson said...

Good stuff as always James. I was in Provence when the bustard turned up - still, at least it wasn't at Filey.... ;)

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