Thursday, 27 June 2013

Redpoll Revisited

Correspondence with ID guru Martin Garner allayed my fears that the Dumfries Redpoll is just a lesser. Unfortunately he could go no further really as both Mealy and North-western are still in the frame which is where in my head I got to but I daren't really admit it for fear of being way off base on a bird which was an extreme Lesser. So not a lot more to say on that aside from bugger. Spring Redpolls eh? Last couple of weeks have been entirely site based so no birding. Not a lot to say about work aside from I have a super tan although I have it really seen much. I managed a couple of shots of Whinchat yesterday which looked better on the camera...

Oh and an in hand photo of the Tophill Cetti's Warbler which I can put up now...

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