Monday, 27 August 2012


I am having a bash at another blog. Im not sure quite where it is going but its something that isnt related to this one but is exploring the interesting things about the wildlife of my garden. Largely based around the mini beasts but looking at all the species groups that use the green space out the back of my house. First up is the common frog after I found this guy yesterday. My second post is likely to be about the White-legged Black Snake Millipede which I also found yesterday. Im going to dabble with science amongst other things. I hope you enjoy.


northernloon said...

Looking forward to your new blog although the comments section isn't playing ball atm. A new book 'My garden and other animals' by Mike Dilger might be up your street. Reviewed in birdguides webzine

northernloon said...

Look forward to the new blog, comments don't seem to working atm. On a similar theme, 'My garden and other animals' by Mike Dilger is reviewed on birdguides webzine

How birds and brains become mutually exclusive

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