Thursday, 26 May 2011

No birding, good birds

I have done no birding this week sadly. Tied down to the desk working my socks off... I have managed a few decent birds. Yesterday on leaving work I managed a ******* ****** over the library at uni. This is no great surprise but at this time of year identity must be protected (and no - the amount of asterisks isnt right).

Last years Turtle Dove that I saw twice daily for ages

This morning on waking up the dulcet tones of a Cuckoo were ringing out - although from my slumber they didnt appear to be coming from the usual reedbed 200m away but rather the scrub the other side of the house.

Finally on my way to work between Watton & Hutton Cranswick a Turtle Dove flew alongside the car for 100m or so before flipping over the hedge. All in all pretty special.


Alan Whitehead said...

I'd love to find a Turtle Dove James, especially at Duff!

James said...

Alan, they are regular but thinly distributed around here. Last year I managed to record successful breeding despite only observing a pair from the car...didnt even realise it was a pair until they lined up with fledged juv on a telegraph line. Just hoping for them on the garden list as Cuckoo is on.

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