Friday, 30 April 2010

Swine Moor revisited

Well the photos anyway...thats last years Temmincks Stint on Swine Moor late may. I paid my first visit to this venue for 2010. A productive look in with my first Swifts and Reed Warbler of the year. I had managed my first Little Grebe of the year on Wansford canal - a bit bizarre as I have managed at least 12 Slavs. Back to beverley and my pre-work trip almost hit pay dirt - a group of small waders flew in. Hoping for Pec Sand I was disappointed to see three Ruff. My radar wasnt too far out as North Cave pulled in a couple of these pseudo vagrants. Oh and im officially fit! Well enough to go to sea overnight and to score against our brothers in arms at HiFi in 0ur end of season friendly at the staff football. Good times.

P.S. Izzy can now crawl and got her first two teeth this week!!!!!

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