Wednesday 27 August 2008

Is that a crow?

No you dumb fuck, thats the Black Stork. You know the fact it was black and white and 3 times the size of the attendent crows gave me a hint but some dumbass got terribly confused. Admittedly it was at about half a miles distance so not optimum views but not bad. A bonus Pere and Buzzard with a Greenshank giving the Pere the slip. Just. Was a pleasant start to the day. But. The Ibis came back on the pager at Swilly just as I got home. Fucker. And. And im not on the west coast of Ireland which if not literally sinking under the weight of yankee warblers (they dont weigh much) it is metaphorically. 2 Yellow Warblers and a Northern Waterthrush sound good to me. Mind you the yellow warbler wouldnt be a lifer and as I dont count Ireland as UK then it'd only be a WP tick. That and I cant afford the flights (need to justify it somehow!).


Marcus Conway said...

That black beauty best stick otherwise I am gonna pollute a load of rivers in Eastern Europe - that'll learn 'em.

Keep blogging,

BTW had the Glossy three times now so there!

James said...

glad you got her - i dont want you polluting half of europe because not only are you a dirty twitcher but one without jedi skills. As you have passed this test young padawan you may continue your dirty twitchering/listing ways.

ps eh, Sonny, you've just pissed on yer shoe.

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