Monday, 20 April 2009

Snowdon Pics

Halfway there up Pyg Pass

Bob climbing far quicker than I could manage

The slackers get there eventually
Us at the summit
Proof we got there if you dont believe the closeup. Bit busy!

South Stack


Dale Forbes said...

the way up pyg pass looks gorgeous. what birdies did you see?
looks like wheatear, water pipit and black redstart type habitat but i have less than no clue as to what ranges there...

I have yet to make it up a mountain this spring so far. dont think the snow will be off the peaks at least for another month. there are still ski resorts open around here!

happy birding

James said...

Ravens, Wheatear, Meadow Pipit (no Black Red or Water Pip as Black Red only breeds in cities in Britain and Water Pip are winter visitors), loads of Herring Gulls (only 10 miles or so from the coast) - a possible Ring Ouzel zipped past and a few Skylarks a bit lower down.

Dale Forbes said...

how common are the ring ouzels in brittain?

I only get them here at or just above the tree line.

James said...

In the right habitat they are usually present although not common necessarily. 11,000 pairs I believe. Just a case of having screes rather than being above the treeline. Having said that the bird I might have seen was at 1000m.

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