Thursday, 19 May 2011


Sometimes your interest in birding waxes and sometimes it wanes. At the moment I am on some crazy fitness drive. I still resemble the michelin man but now I can amble round a football pitch for 30 mins and push some decent weights in the gym whilst playing a backhand crosscourt. My birding umph has deserted briefly and thus I didnt see the Tawny Pipit, Sea Eagle, Quail, Golden Oriole, Bee-eater combo nor any of the Red-rumped Swallows. I did get down to Tophill Low for some ringing on sunday.

Reed Warbler

At tophill I year ticked a Turtle Dove that was singing in south scrub all morning but avoided our nets plus an in-hand Garden Warbler. This takes the meagre year list to 167. During the session we managed our first Reed Warblers of the year plus some Great Tit pulli, a family of Long-tailed Tits and a mixed up Chaffinch with a sub-adult wing but an adult tail.

Garden Warbler - some sort of colour distortion due to the creosote
on the shed. It was grey brown, honest.
In addition to these wonderful pictures I have a couple of Isabelle, my lovely toddler. They interest me at least. I know other peoples children photos are rubbish. Im not sorry.

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