Saturday, 9 February 2008

Birding for Idiots

Having refound my blogspot id and decided to start blogging again the question loomed, do I go back to the old blog? Simple answer. No, it was crap. Got some mint news today, I'm now an official ornithologist. I figure this because someone is finally dumb enough to pay me for bird surveying.

Once a month I will be travelling to Aberdeen, courtesy of the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies, University of Hull, to survey seabirds on a potential windfarm site. My job is to stand at the front of a tub for ten hours looking for divers and the like. Cool (when do i find my first White-billed Diver or Brunnich's Guillemot?). And they pay me!

Birding this week consisted of a trip to Wheldrake to check out the gull roost. Found a few argentatus Herring Gulls and a possible 3rd-w Yellow-legged Gull but I'm not so hot on them. On tuesday afternoon I ventured to Castle Howard great lake for a female Scaup which was the first Aythya I saw. Also 15 Goosander walked onto my year list. Sweet ness.

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